Computational Modeling Made Simple.

A simple and powerful computational modeling tool for building and testing your own simulated universe.

Simpler Code

Teaching computational modeling to students who have never coded can be difficult, so we have tried to reduce the complexity and distractions so that you can get students writing code that is specifically focused on modeling scientific phenomena.

Debugging Tools

We have found that having tools to track down errors is crucial in helping students stay on track and limits their frustration. Students get live feedback on variable values and they can step through their simulations with a click of a button.

Formative Assessment

Students can often get lost in coding, and its sometimes challenging for teachers to identify where a student is having difficulty. We have built into Tychos the ability to automatically assess student progress through Goals, a feature that we have found teachers and students love.

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Tychos is still in development and so far it's a labor of love. Email us if you have any questions or just to tell us how you are using it. Your comments keep us going.

winston at tychos dot org