Simulate, Hack, Learn.

A simple and powerful computational modeling tool for building and testing your own simulated universe.

Students see, hack, and later construct their own simulations of science phenomena and through this hands-on work, come to deeply understand the connections between the things they see and the formulas that predict them.

What is Tychos?

Connect Concepts With The Math

We have used Tychos to teach Physics and we have found it helps students connect their observations and concepeptual understanding with the symbolic or mathematical representation of that phenomenon. In addition, a powerful way to use Tychos is to run or build a simulation in Tychos and compare it's calculations with experimental data from Logger Pro or similar.

"Hackable Simulations"

Tychos simulations are similar to popular digital demonstrations, but unlike ordinary science simulations that can be found online, all Tychos simulations can be opened up to reveal the underlying formulas. Students can see the underlying formula and can change the formulas or initial conditions.

Teach Computational Modeling

As a computational modeling app, students using Tychos are using these Next Generation Science Standards:

  • Developing and using models
  • Analyzing and interpreting data
  • Using mathematics and computational thinking

Built For Teaching

Tychos saves instructors time in several ways: (1) it is easier to learn than pure programming which means less time spent learning coding leaving more time to learn physics, (2) Tychos features a Goal system where instructors define Goals for each assignment and the student gets automatic feedback on them. Once the goals are set, all student work is graded instantly with results tabulated for a quick overview by the instructor.

Contact Us

Tychos is still in development and so far it's a labor of love. Email us if you have any questions or just to tell us how you are using it. Your comments keep us going.

winston at tychos dot org