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Teacher Video Guides

Are you a teacher and want to get started learning how to use Tychos in your classroom? In this video series we demonstrate how you can use Tychos as a teaching and learning tool. The videos show you how to incorporate Tychos into your lessons and how it can be an amazing way to introduce your students to computational modeling.

(We do recommend that you watch the Introductory Video Guides before jumping into this series.)

Example Lessons

We have designed some lessons that you can use to get started using Tychos in your classroom quickly. Designed and tested in an actual real high school classroom, we are confident that these lessons will really help get you rolling with Tychos. We encourage that you start here, but we also encourage that you take and modify the lessons as you see fit. We are always looking for feedback as well, so please contact us with how you are using Tychos in your own classroom.

Writing Goals

After watching the teacher video guide, you can use this step by step instruction manual to help you write goals to keep your students motivated and on task. Goals can be used as a great formative assessment tool and will also help you evaluate student understanding as the students work towards their learning objectives.

Instructure Canvas LTI installation help

Tychos can integrate with many popular learning management systems like Canvas! This step by step guide will help you add Tychos scenarios as an LTI app.

Tychos Users Forum

Discuss Tychos, propose suggestions, ask questions. Talk to real people using Tychos.

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Tychos is still in development and so far it's a labor of love. Email us if you have any questions or just to tell us how you are using it. Your comments keep us going.

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